Review // Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Fragrances

Hey loves, I just wanted to come share with you my thoughts on the Kat Von D fragrances. I did receive these from Influenster, complimentary, to try out and I’m super thankful for the opportunity. I remember while working at Sephora about 5 years ago, these fragrances were popular and people were always asking about them. Then we slowly didn’t care them anymore. Back then I wasn’t really into branching out and trying new fragrances and I stuck to the ones I loved. I remember was we stopped carrying her fragrances people would constantly come in and see if they were in stock and now I can understand why they were so popular.

Out of the 2 fragrances, I definitely think that Saint is my favorite. It’s a little more sweet with floral notes. I find that with this fragrance it wears well and it’s not overbearing, which is great for work. I think this scent is perfect for the summer months. It just gives me happy vibes whenever I wear it. Also, I have already finished my bottle that I received, I enjoyed it that much. The key notes in this fragrance are Vanilla, Musk, and Jasmine. Even though this scent has Vanilla, I don’t hate it. Typically I find vanilla to over barring but this has the perfect blend to it. I will definitely purchase a roller ball of this fragrance once I finish a few bottles in my collection.

Now finally, Sinner. This fragrance is beautiful as well and wears beautifully. With this scent, I find it a little heavier and I enjoy wearing it more in the evenings. Don’t get me wrong you definitely could wear it during the day but for me, I prefer it at night. Sinner is a bit spicier but you can still smell a hint of floral. The key notes in this fragrance are Patchouli, Wood, and Cinnamon. For myself, I think this scent is beautiful and I will definitely be wearing it once Fall hits.


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