Foundation Friday // Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation

Hey loves, I’m back with a NEW series on my blog. I’m constantly buying things and I always want to share my thoughts on them but I’m always late too post about the newest things. So I decided I would share my thoughts on different foundations, once a month or so. Mainly a first impression and wear test. Over time I will have videos posted on my YouTube channel where you can see how it applies.

But today, I wanted to share with you my first impression on the Becca Ultimate Coverage foundation in maple.  I’ve personally never worn any of their foundations before but I’m a huge fan of their highlights.  Recently I made a purchase from Sephora online and I was able to get a deluxe sample size to try and I was very impressed with it.

This foundstion is suppose to be a full coverage foundation with a 24hour wear. I would agree that it would be considered full coverage and I found it gave a very natural finish and was super lightweight on the skin. It was able to blur out my imperfections without much effort and didn’t leave me looking cakey at all. With this foundation I was able to wear it for about 11 hours without having to touch-up and at the end of the night I was still looking flawless.

Im definitely going to keep this sample in my foundation rotation and see how it continues to perform. I got it in  and I find that it’s a very decent match for me currently, especially with all the sun I have been getting. I do think if you are on the market for a new foundation, I would recommend you getting a sample from Sephira to try out and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do. If you have tried out this foundation before, let me know your thoughts on it, in a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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