Sliding into 2019!!

Happy New Years loves! I hope 2018 was good to you and you achieved a lot of your goals. I hope you had a great holiday seasons with all your loved ones.

2018 was a big year for me and I’m super happy that it’s finally over. I finically finished school in August and my graduation is coming up next month, which I can’t believe! I started my new career, working in a amazing dental office. Honestly, I’m apart of an amazing team and I’m happy beyond words.

I’m truly blessed for all the hardships and accomplishments I achieved this past year. But I’m so ready to take on 2019. I don’t typically do resolutions but I wanted to share with you my goals for this upcoming year. This year I really want to focus on getting healthy, I know I always talk about loosing weight on my YouTube channel but I definitely need to hold myself accountable. I’m currently at my heaviest and I’m not a fan of it but I definitely need to be focused. I will come back in another post once I start my journey again.

I also plan on not purchasing unnecessary amounts of makeup this year. This is going to be my biggest challenge but I’m always purchasing and never wearing it. I will continue with my monthly Boxy Charm subscription but I really won’t be buying anything. I will repurchase when I finish something and I actually need it but that’s about it. But this no buy also ties into my next goal for this year. Which is to wear makeup on a daily basis. It doesn’t need to be super glam but I definitely want to look put together. And feel good about how I look on a daily. Hopefully, I will be able to share with you daily the products I used.

Lastly, my biggest goal for this year is to enjoy life and find happiness. Happiness in myself, happiness in my daughters eye. And maybe even happiness in my love life. But only time will tell for that. But I’m definitely going to enjoy all the big and small events that this year has for me.

I’m wishing you all an amazing 2019 and until next time!

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