Haul // Laneige

Hey loves, I’m back with a new little haul from Sephora. I picked these items up a few weeks ago but I still wanted to share them with you. Lately, I’ve really been into skin care and I wanted to bring some life back to it. If you didn’t know I typically have combination skin, oily throughout the t-zone. But as of late, I’ve been dealing with some dryness and I’m looking forward to bringing back that natural glow.

I decided to try out some Laneige products. In the past I have tried both of these but in the original scents. This time around I decided to pick up the Water Sleeping Mask in Lavender. It’s suppose to be purifying and moisturizing which I definitely need. This weather has definitely been drying out my skin to the max and I need to bring some life back to it. And I also picked up the Lip Sleeping Mask in Grapefruit. Since I got sick back in December my lips have been non-stop dry and chapped; which isn’t typical for me. I wanted to give this another try and to bring back my naturally plump lips. I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks and I’m definitely loving it. And will come back with a full review in a month or go.

If you have tried these out, let me know how they worked for you in a comment down below.

Until next time!

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